What People Are Saying

Soul Care Workshop particicipants:

“Thank you so very much for what was for me a beautiful, healing, and life-giving experience.”

“I really appreciate your intention with every detail. You are a gifted spiritual leader and healer. Thank you for inviting me into that space and time.”

“It was my first experience of yoga…and I really liked it.  I felt better the days afterward.”

“Your teaching and workshop was beautifully designed. I really appreciated the variety of activities of engagement. The words/quotes that you shared were spot on and inspiring. It was challenging (in a good way) to move my body slowly and intentionally… The dancing/embodied expressions of emotion was amazing… Thank you for helping bring out/tap into my femininity and creativity. Didn’t know there was so much in there!”

“Wow, I had so much fun and absolutely loved the entire thing.”

“Your work is powerful, and I hope many others take advantage of the opportunity to attend your workshops in the future.”

Yoga students:

“Thank you so much for our practice today. It was a wonderful exercise in being thankful wherever we are and being present. You are a gifted instructor.”

“You are an inspiration to all of us. You add so much more, a whole additional dimension to the “typical” yoga class. We are all enriched by your tutelage.”

Women’s Circle participants:

“It allowed me to accept my relationship with God rather than the relationship society tells me I am supposed to have with God…including who God is and what God looks like.  It allowed me to begin an open, honest, vulnerable, trusting relationship with God.”

“There was something about this series – I do not know if it was a shift in me or your magic – that I really started to get a sense of God.  I really was inspired by your questions to examine God more deeply in the sense to what it means to us individually.”

“The Circle is still impacting me. It has given me peace where it wasn’t.”

“It allowed me the space to sit with BIG questions and to experience over time the pure love of God.”

“I would name my experience as HEALING – healing the suffering that lies between myself and the divine – and FEELING – feeling the trust and support that actually exists between myself and the divine.”

“I thank you for being a conduit to the healing transformation in all of us.”

It made a big difference in how I am showing up and what I believe about myself.”

“I really felt like I carried something away from the experience that strengthened me as as person, and helped me feel truly more connected.”

“I felt the strong bond that women have with each other regardless of how well they know each other, the compassion we have toward one another and the capacity at which we can whole-heartedly give and receive of ourselves.”

“The Circle provides me the space, the practice, and the feedback to be more of me out in the world.”

“I have always been able to be strong, I have always had this gentleness that lived inside of me but didn’t quite know how to be. My experience in the Circle helped me feel and really experience what it is like to be both – gently strong.”

Coaching clients:

“Your somatic approach to coaching, wisdom, kindness and presence were integral to my transition here. Your skillful encouragement helped me draw out what is most important, tune into God, and have the courage to live the life I want.”

“I have become softer with my boyfriend. Our relationship has grown stronger since the coaching started and I am learning to relax into his love.”

“I realize that I am in control of my life and that it is the way that I respond to situations that shape my life, not it that shapes me.”

“I have gained a greater ability to listen to that voice deep within and developed a tenderness and grace towards myself that I didn’t have before.”

“Overall I really liked the subtleness of it (coaching). Little actions that I thought weren’t going to do anything really helped.”

NextSteps workshop participants:

“It was a very moving experience for me that has given me new energy needed to explore my possibilities.”

“John and Eleanor are a great team! The program was very helpful in getting a ‘big picture’ view on my life, choices and opportunities and finding ways to cast off my self-limiting views.”

“It was a space of transparency, trust, community and fun! As a result of the program, I have a more focused understanding of who I am and what I value.”

“Where there were fears, there are now possibilities. Where there were roadblocks, there are now stepping stones. Where there was doubt, there is now confidence.”

“We all go through life with layers and our true self is somewhere under those layers. Next Steps gave me the courage and tools to take the adventure of going under the layers.”

Girl, Get Your Love On! workshop participants:

“I got through some stuff that needed to come out and I thank you for that… There is nothing in Richmond like this.”

“Thank you so so much for your sincerity, warmth and love – it truly shines from your whole being. I enjoyed and learned so much about myself! I felt so light immediately leaving your workshop and continue to feel the same way. It completely rejuvenated me.”

Eleanor speaking engagement:

“I found your talk to be motivating and engaging and I really enjoyed hearing your story. It is so helpful to hear from someone who had a vision and how they saw that vision through to fruition.”




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